Hunter is 4

Dec 17, 2017
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I know we say it every time we post birthday pics but, man, where does the time go?!  I swear we blinked and Hunter is now 4 years old.  We just can’t believe it.  But, we’re so proud of the little boy he’s become.  Currently, he’s into all things Mario Bros. and Super Heroes.  His favorite character is actually Luigi (I think because Hunter’s favorite color is green…).  He is super athletic, always jumping or running across the furniture or from room to room, doing handstands off the couch, and generally doing anything that would give one of us a heart attack.  He loves playing on mommy or daddy’s phone and has gotten really good at Mario Cart 8 on Wii U.  Hunter, you brighten our lives every day.  You have a great future ahead of you and we’re looking forward to watching you grow into the man you’ll become.  🙂

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