It’s a Boy

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better…we had ourselves a bouncing baby boy!  We’re thrilled to have Hunter in our lives.  He is vibrant, smart, and is always flashing the brightest smile.  We’d be remiss not to mention Hunter is a twin and it is with great heart ache that we aren’t holding both baby boys in our arms today.  Hunter’s brother passed in utero due to heart failure and our family will forever hold a special place in our hearts just for him.  But we couldn’t be more proud of our healthy and happy baby boy and every day he reminds us of how truly blessed we really are.


About the New Crew

Well, we did it!  Kayla and I are the proud parents to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Adalyn.  It’s been quite the adventure being new parents so far.  We’re blessed in so many ways.  Adalyn is so smart, beautiful and talented.  I don’t think there is another kid on this planet that can blow a raspberry like she can.  🙂  Unfortunately, our little bundle of joy has Cystic Fibrosis.  We found out in utero and have been playing defense ever since.  Adalyn has been a healthy and happy baby girl so far and we’re doing our best to keep her that way.  Now it’s our mission to enjoy our baby girl to the absolute fullest while trying to find a cure to this disease.  If you enjoy reading our blog or just want to help, please click the banner to the right and donate.  We appreciate any help you can offer.  In the meantime sit back, relax, and get to know our Crew a little better.


About the Crew (The Old Crew)

Hi, we’re Kayla and Ted, a husband and wife team who recently found out we’re having a baby!!!  We decided to start a blog in order to keep friends and family in the loop and have a sort of digital journal that we can look back on to remember this crazy time in our lives.  We’ll be posting regular updates regarding the baby and random entries about interesting and not so interesting happenings in our daily lives.  If you got here by searching for the movie, Lakeview Terrace, we’re sorry to disappoint.  You’ll find our site much more kid friendly however, and probably more entertaining.  Just kidding, we’ve never seen the movie.   🙂

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