Rock On

Oct 10, 2011
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This is Aunt Courtney. She Rocks.

Gender Reveal-A-Palooza

Oct 9, 2011
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If you can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby, check the previous post.  Otherwise, enjoy the short (ok long) film of the Reveal party we had last night. Don’t laugh at the shoddy editing. I was using my point and shoot and don’t have much experience with video. Well, except for watching them…


Princess in Training

Oct 9, 2011
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It’s a GIRL!  Video to follow.  😉


Amnio Woes

Oct 6, 2011
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A couple of weeks ago Kayla found out that she is a carrier of the Cystic Fibrosis gene.  The hospital recommended that I be tested too in order to find out the likelihood of our baby inheriting the disease.  If I was found to be a carrier, then our little one would have a 25% chance of being born with CF.  So after getting my blood drawn and sending it off to the lab we received the unfortunate news that I too am a carrier.  Today, was our counseling session with the doctor’s at Northside Hospital.  After a lengthy discussion we decided that an Amniocentesis was the best option for us.  The procedure went exceptionally well and mother and baby are doing just fine.  The results will tell us 100% if our child has the disease or will simply be a carrier.  At the worst, we will be prepared for the future.  At the best, we won’t have to worry about CF again.  At least during this pregnancy.  🙂


Oct 6, 2011
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HGTV vs Reality

Oct 2, 2011
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Kayla and I got the call from La-Z-Boy that our new bedroom furniture is coming next weekend.  Seeing as how we were totally not prepared for delivery (imagine that) we decided to kick things into high gear this weekend and get our bedroom all nice and shiny ready to be filled with brand new friends. We moved all of our current bedroom furniture into one of the guest rooms down the hall and then proceed to paint said empty room. I swear HGTV makes it look so easy. Fun even. But the reality of painting a room with tray ceilings is not as exciting as they would have you believe it is. My father-in-law was gracious enough to come help me with what turned out to be a 5 hour job. In the end we were sweaty, messy, and tired but we managed to get ‘er done.  Thanks Dad Christoff for your help!

Five Years Cheers

Sep 18, 2011
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We just got back from spending four SUPER relaxing days at the Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms, S.C.  We rented a one bedroom condo and spent most of our time reading on the screened-in back deck overlooking the ocean.  I forgot my iPad and we got zero cell phone reception but, it was a nice change of pace, being “unplugged” for a while.   We walked on the beach and tasted the seafood at some of the local restaurants.  Oh, and we spent a little time exploring Charleston too.  I brought my camera but was too…busy… to take many pictures.  So, on our last day we decided to put together a quick stop-motion video.  I’ve never really tried something like this before.  We only took one take and it was definitely a learning experience.  I have some creative ideas for the next time we give this a go.  The message Kayla writes in the sand says “Happy Anniversary” btw. Now, it’s back to the ‘ol grind.  Can’t wait for the next vacation!

It’s a Wonderful Lime

Sep 3, 2011
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The little one has grown to the size of a lime!  Wow, it seems like it was just yesterday it was the size of a shrimp.  🙂  Things have been pretty uneventful this week.  Today marks the last day of working in my current position downtown and Tuesday I will begin my new duties at the company in Buckhead.  I’m excited about the move and the new opportunity but I will miss my coworkers, family, and most of all my wife.  The new position will definitely take some getting used to, but it really couldn’t have come at a better time.  This weekend Kayla and I are headed up to West Virginia for the Whorley family reunion.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a full day on Sunday of eating, drinking, and being marry with a great bunch of folks we haven’t seen in a while.  On the way home from work tonight we stopped at Old Navy so Kayla could pick up some more “comfortable” clothes to take on the trip.  She isn’t showing yet, but her clothes are a little more…snug.  🙂

Chinese Gender Predictor

Aug 31, 2011
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During a quick visit to , Kayla decided to take their Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor Test.  Because, you know, anything ancient, Chinese, and accessible via the interwebs is totally legit!  Haha, I’ll probably eat those words in about 8 weeks when we find out the gender though.  Doh!



It’s Not a Cookie

Aug 28, 2011
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Week 11 down!  Woo hoo!  This has been a pretty exciting week.  The baby is approximately the size of a fig, we had our first ultrasound, and the end of the first trimester is in site.  Kayla continues to rock this pregnancy like a champ.  Still no morning sickness and she’s even had a little more energy than last week.  The doctor’s visit on Wednesday went really well.  As a matter of fact, we weren’t even scheduled to have an ultrasound.  The doctor told us that we would only get one if we didn’t hear a heartbeat from the Doppler test.  Well, we were floored when we heard the rapid, rythmic beat of the little one’s ticker coming from the Doppler wand.  But, we just HAD to go home with a picture of our baby!  🙂  Poor Dr. Thompson was no match for our tag-team puppy eye action and in a… heartbeat… we were off to another room to get the ultrasound.

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