I recently purchased a used SNES from eBay for $38. The system was listed as “For Parts or Repair” and came with three controllers, a power adaptor, a multi-out cable, and two games (if you really consider Super Black Bass such a thing).

The description stated: “Tested working but have screen lines i founded in a garage sale the killer instinct is expensive game.”  It also mentioned: “maybe easy fix or dirty pins the console look very clean”

Here are a couple of pics from the listing:

When it arrived I checked the voltage on the power adaptor to ensure it was supplying the proper output.  Check!  I then checked continuity in the pico fuse.  Check!  I then gave the board a quick scan looking at the cartridge connector as well as the traces.  Check and check!  The board and connector look great!  All of the pins appear to be in place and there is no crud inside of the cartridge adaptor.  I didn’t spot any obvious breaks in the traces on the face of the board.  Having said that, I did not break out the magnifying glass to really investigate closely.

Unfortunately, the seller’s description wasn’t too far off.  When I inserted a copy of Mario All-Stars I got a bunch of vertical lines all over the screen.  The funny thing is, the Mario sprite seemed unaffected.  Upon further play, I noticed that when I paused the screen, most of the vertical lines would disappear.

With the exception of a few on the side of the menu, they disappear when the game is paused.

Here’s a quick video of the issue:

I tried other games as well.  The vertical lines only appear to effect certain areas or layers of the screen.  Playability and game logic seem to be unaffected.

No vertical lines on the title screen…

But they do appear on the sides of the screen during this “cinematic.”

Then they appear in the background and sides of the screen during gameplay.


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